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south sulawesi :)

ini sebenarnya tugasku, tugas IPS hehe ...
tapi aku mau berbagi jga sama blog ini wew :O
South Sulawesi is one of many provinces in Republic of Indonesia. The province of South Sulawesi comprises the narrow south-western peninsula of this orchid-shaped island which is mainly mountainous. The seafaring Bugis dominate the southern tip, whereas the northern part of South Sulawesi is inhabited by the Toraja whose unique culture rivals that of the Balinese.

Many culture appear and develop here, like culture of Tana Toraja, Bugis, Mandar and of course Makassar. Many songs like Pakarena, Anging Mamiri, Tome Pare and many more popular here and considered as the identity of this province. Also it’s Silk Clothes, centered in Sengkang the capital town of Wajo Regency.
Sengkang is well-known for its silk weaving and therefore is the center of Buginese silk. Sengkang also imaged as the “City of Silk”. This area is populated by the Buginese ethnic group, known for their crossing to other islands as traders of silk, sarongs and other material which exact time its began still unclear. Here we can find lake Tempe, one of the tourist resorts. Sailing and boating can be enjoyed on this lake.
Modern Silk production in South Sulawesi specially in Sengkang follows the national ideology which advocated the establishment and expansion of agro-industry and agribusiness. The development of modern silk production in South Sulawesi still watched, ruled and dominate done by the government, not only the local government but also the provincial government, it’s a poor fact that in other place the silk developing can be done by personal corporation.
Although the most popular place of producting silk is in Sengkang, but there also some other places which have a good Silk Traditions, but the best quality of Silk Clothes in South Sulawesi still in Sengkang.
For the last, I want to explain something for you all that maybe you don’t know. Maybe in this century, the caresof people to the real culture of their own city is decrease, but as a good young generation, I want to say to all of you, you must pride to our province in its Silk Traditions, because, our province has the biggest Mulberry Cultivation in Indonesia.

Originating in central America, coffee is now widely grown around the world. The best coffee is produced at higher altitudes and due to its elevation, Toraja has a reputation for producing quality coffee.  The coffee is well known in Japan and several Japanese companies have over the years purchased coffee there and, on occasions, established their own plantations.
The trees or bushes are small and the fruit is very like a cherry.  The pulp is peeled and the kernel or coffee bean is dried before being transported and then roasted and ground ready for drinking.
In Toraja coffee is grown on the steep mountain sides under the cover of large forest trees.  Many bushes are growing wild with the best production coming from well tended “gardens”.
While some growers are managing their coffee gardens to a high standard, many treat it as a “catch crop” with little management input.   The best yields and finest quality are produced when the bushes are well pruned and harvesting, peeling and drying are carried out to a high standard.   Very little chemical fertiliser is used and bushes are usually fertilised with compost.   An insect pest is the Coffee  Borer Beetle and while some insecticide is used pheromone traps are now proving successful.

 toraja coffee