Rabu, 20 Februari 2013

wednesday evening

20th february 2013
holla! hoping everyday would be nice and lucky as today xD

today was the time where I showed up myself in front of many people and delivering my speech :D I really miss the moment when nervous drive me out  and my hand sweaty all the time before show xD

I must registered myself and unfortunately I got the fourth (4th) thread. well, I was not paying attention to another participant that has showed up their self I was just busy drawling on my head, confusing my scary feeling, rooling as dumby -_____-"

then when the MC called my name and said it is my turn, panic full fill my head , and the things that I do was just praying at God. All eyes making me as subject, and the SHOW MUST GO ON!

I keep on start my speech, and being real. just let it flow, I think. then get into the second paragraph of my speech, every people applaused at me haha later on I will post my speech ya :D then all people has got attract on me, at least I hope they are.

and at the end of my persuasive speech, everybody gave me applause, but it doesnt make me feel arrogant, cause the announcement hasnt announced yet. hoping that I could get one trophy (and more big hope on the 1st winner trophy)..

not really care and hoping too much, cause everything will be, will be.. depends on The Almighty o:)


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