Selasa, 19 Februari 2013

Tuesday Afternoon

Sugar honey iced tea -__________________- I hate it when that holy creepy wierd dream comeover at my sleepingbeauty moment. yeah, I was not joining the school today, not because of lazyness or because my dumby ideas of getting bad hoho xD but it is because I have a lots of things to do and stuffs to grab of -_-

Day - 1 to my first speech competition (actually not the first, I've joined many speech competition.. but it always feel seems it is new thing to try at first time). the worst thing ever is, I've not yet finish my speech and it drives me crazy -_-"

I didnt have a good sleep this night also, I try to go bed at 4AM and be awake at 6AM. yes, it was really short
uncomfort sleep. then I try to work on my TO-DO-LIST (you know, I've got a lot of list to do here guys-_-). then I try to do my chemistry practicum journal and fall asleep in the middle way of finishing my work. and then suddenly....


AAAAAAAAA this world turn into black-grey world, everythings coloured as black and grey, so scarying and honestly I was really affraid. then a creepy creatures come out of my bed, roaring, buzzing and doing such a unclear thing -____-" seems like he wants me to be eaten by him... or maybe he wants my money? .------. I dont know exactly.

then when I'm screaming out someone's name (I couldn't remember it well) the condition, the place change into roller coaster that moving and another worst thing ever is I was trapped inside!!!

then suddenly I waked up in screaming and surprise expression. BACK TO REALITY, THIS TASK IS FRIGHTEN ME! AAAAAAAAA!!! X_X X_X THIS WORLD -__________________- OH GOD HELP ME!!!!

Tuesday Afternoon, 19 February 2013

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