Kamis, 28 Februari 2013

halloo balloobaaa :3

well, hai guys!! start from a really strange title that really errr confusing -_- hohohooooo xD how are you guys????

you know what?! I really feel so grateful! Allah has blessed me a really grateful and awesome blessings and also unexpected one. I've got the 1st winner on that speech geography (GALAXY 2013 se-SulSelBar) contest, and somedays later I got the 3rd winner of debate on CHEsS on the board 2013 Katolik Rajawali Makassar with my super annoying crazy teamate, Tanbihul Gofilin (-_____-"). yowes, Alhamdulillah o:)

as my promise before, here's my speech about environment on that geography contest xD check this out :) hope you can enjoy it, and also could inspire you on doing something, and so on so far...

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen
            10 years ago, Makassar has become a really new lifestyle city. There are so many changing that appear of it self, the government has working hard to build the city. Build many public service places such as mall, multifunctional building, hotels, public entertainment, ‘RUKO’, etc. and also in the coastal and litoral area (beach) they have build many new buildings. Some people think it was good, but some of them didn’t think so.
Honourable to all the judges and honourable to all the audience in this room. We actually cannot judge what has the government did. So here, for the next 7 minutes I will try to show you some point of view according to this topic.
            May us praise The Almighty God that has given us opportunity to be here and joining this event J.  And also our Prophet that has brought us from the spider era to the spiderman era like what we see today.
Ladies and Gentlemen...
            Let us imagine how is the condition of coastal and beach area in Makassar. There are somany buildings has built up there.. residence, public entertainment place they build this up in the purpose of the construction and the development of our city and the economical reasons they (the government) say.
            But if we look back and analyze the proccess, start from hoarding proccess, where they cut off all the manggrooves which we know has many functions to keep the balance of the ecosystem and fill the sea with lots of sand in large quantities, then start to run out their plan without considering the consequencies of what will they did, and not think far about the effects to the society, to the small people, specially to the fisherman that live around this teritory.
            Indonesia is one of country that has really big quantities of mangroves before 1985 (base on analisadaily.com) then the number starts to dwindled out as speed as possible because of governor and contractor’s project. At 1995 the damages percentage is up to 70% and in South Sulawesi it was reduced from 110,000 ha in 1990 to 30,000 ha in 2000 (base on desakuhijau.org).
            And also the dredging of the beach sand and when it replaced with concrete (beton) or stone, example in pantai losari, it is not the usual beach that you can imagine with lots of sand and little crabs live in. But it become stone, they build up and change the sand into stone.
            Then, what are the effects? The living things cannot survive well, they need to find another new home which is rare around the region. Their nursery ground, their spawning ground, their feeding ground, their habitate has taken of by human desires. Then, this kind of volume and diversity decreasing of fish and another sea creatures, fisherman becomes difficult to get fish as source of their income. 56,32% fish become rare, which means it is difficult to find out over the sea, and 35,36% fish become extinct or never catch anymore (base on analisadaily.com). this also make the water raise up, and Makassar become suspectible struck by flood.
            This all happened because the construction and development of our city is not planned well, they are not considering the balance of ecology, economic, and the sosiologist seriously. And the implementation of “Environmental Effect Analyzing” procedur before build and growing up the city is not effectively running well. Even if it was implemented, economy considered as the most important thing then the social issues and the balance of ecosystem. And the system of giving the build up building permits which is too free.
            Subsequently, whos false it is? The government? The fisherman? The contractors? The system? The citizen? Or who else? Actually we can’t judge one of them, cause this is OUR responsibility, so it is OUR tasks to fix and solve out this serious problem.
            By rearranging the city or at least rreplanting the mangroves in the coastal, litoral, and beach area so there will no erosion in big size, and also reparation of giving the build up building permits need to be held on.
            So, I really emphasize here.. that I hope we could keep the environment and the nature together by using it wisely and carefully. Also keeping it from the UNEXPECTED HAND that probably could destroy them.
Good Morning All. Me, Nurul Ilmi Salsabila, SMAN 02 Tinggimoncong

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  1. Dear young Lady,
    I am really impressed by this convincing speech! There is no doubts that people can only be touched by reading your environmental message!
    You try to make this connection between Nature and the need of our modern society! Mangrove are beautiful ecosystems and they need Protection and Respect, we underestimate their role in our Life!
    It is nice to see that this young and fresh generation brings environmental awareness to another level!
    Keep spreading good messages to the world!!