Kamis, 28 Februari 2013

halloo balloobaaa :3

well, hai guys!! start from a really strange title that really errr confusing -_- hohohooooo xD how are you guys????

you know what?! I really feel so grateful! Allah has blessed me a really grateful and awesome blessings and also unexpected one. I've got the 1st winner on that speech geography (GALAXY 2013 se-SulSelBar) contest, and somedays later I got the 3rd winner of debate on CHEsS on the board 2013 Katolik Rajawali Makassar with my super annoying crazy teamate, Tanbihul Gofilin (-_____-"). yowes, Alhamdulillah o:)

as my promise before, here's my speech about environment on that geography contest xD check this out :) hope you can enjoy it, and also could inspire you on doing something, and so on so far...

Rabu, 20 Februari 2013

wednesday evening

20th february 2013
holla! hoping everyday would be nice and lucky as today xD

today was the time where I showed up myself in front of many people and delivering my speech :D I really miss the moment when nervous drive me out  and my hand sweaty all the time before show xD

I must registered myself and unfortunately I got the fourth (4th) thread. well, I was not paying attention to another participant that has showed up their self I was just busy drawling on my head, confusing my scary feeling, rooling as dumby -_____-"

then when the MC called my name and said it is my turn, panic full fill my head , and the things that I do was just praying at God. All eyes making me as subject, and the SHOW MUST GO ON!

I keep on start my speech, and being real. just let it flow, I think. then get into the second paragraph of my speech, every people applaused at me haha later on I will post my speech ya :D then all people has got attract on me, at least I hope they are.

and at the end of my persuasive speech, everybody gave me applause, but it doesnt make me feel arrogant, cause the announcement hasnt announced yet. hoping that I could get one trophy (and more big hope on the 1st winner trophy)..

not really care and hoping too much, cause everything will be, will be.. depends on The Almighty o:)


Selasa, 19 Februari 2013

Tuesday Afternoon

Sugar honey iced tea -__________________- I hate it when that holy creepy wierd dream comeover at my sleepingbeauty moment. yeah, I was not joining the school today, not because of lazyness or because my dumby ideas of getting bad hoho xD but it is because I have a lots of things to do and stuffs to grab of -_-

Day - 1 to my first speech competition (actually not the first, I've joined many speech competition.. but it always feel seems it is new thing to try at first time). the worst thing ever is, I've not yet finish my speech and it drives me crazy -_-"

I didnt have a good sleep this night also, I try to go bed at 4AM and be awake at 6AM. yes, it was really short